House of Cards Season 3

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Having heard many unfavourable things about season number two of House of Cards, I was a little unsure whether or not to watch it. I loved the first two series so it was only right that we keep going. I am so glad we did.

Season 3 sees Clare and Frank Underwood in the Whitehouse as First Lady and President. Things are a little slower as the rest of government works against Frank, not everything is going to plan. There is trouble between Clare and Frank as well and it's nice to see Frank not getting his way. I don't think you can expect Season 3 to have the momentum of the other two, when as President you just can't get away with the stuff he has pulled in the past, at least in the beginning. It takes time to ensure that connections are solid again before you can do those sorts of things.

House of Cards Season 3 is no where near as bad as others have made out. Give it a go and then get moving on Season 4.

Ps House of Cards Season 2