Tips for a ski trip with kids

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Today I am sharing a few things we learnt on this past ski trip with Lulu. Some of these things are things I wish I knew earlier, some are things that worked well for us. Here are my tips for a ski trip with kids:


Book ski school / daycare when you book your accomodation

- Daycare was booked out when we were at Fernie and it was heartbreaking, not only for us but also for Lulu who wanted to play with kids.



- Put aside $200 and buy kids ski clothes when you first arrive in the cold country. That being said if you arrive any later than December into Canada there will only be bathers in store, so stock up before you leave. If you are skiing in Australia you can hire ski clothes, so no need to buy kids clothing that they probably won't wear again.

3. Equipment

- This you can hire at any ski resort, but it is usually cheaper to hire in town before you go 'up the mountain'.

4. Be prepared for kids to last about an hour before they want a snack/lunch/break

 - most days I don't think Lulu even lasted an hour.

5. Mittens

- buy more than one pair of mittens. These things get eaten just like socks.

6. Book ski in / ski out accomodation

- Yes it costs more but is totally worth it when your kid cracks it after only 1/2 hour of skiing and refuses to ski for the rest of the day. If we weren't staying on the mountain one of us would have had to drive back to town while the other skied. No fun at all. Ski in / Ski Out accomodation meant we could trade off hanging out in the room with Lulu.

7. Book accomodation with a pool

- As per my Tips for travelling with kids post, a pool gives you a non-skiing physical activity to do.

Do you have any tips for a ski trip with kids? Am sure there are many more!

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