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Is anyone else watching Scandal? We are almost at the end of season 3 and are completely addicted. I think House of Cards is the only other show that we have watched in such quick succession since Lulu was born!

Scandal is about Olivia Pope, former White House Communications Director, now head of her own crisis management firm. Her firm 'Olivia Pope and Associates' fixes problems. They make problems go away for Washington's elite. Olivia has a complicated relationship with the people at the White House and White House staff, as well as the President and First Lady feature in most episodes.

Where this differs from your average problem/crime solving tv show is the overarching storylines that run through each episodes. This story is one for those who love a good conspiracy theory and anything to do with the idea that we are all flawed individuals.  As the seasons move on the overarching storyline takes over and the single episode storylines almost completely disappear. I think I would still like to see more of the single episode stories again. I've found that with the disappearance of the single episode story lines Olivia seems to have become less sure of herself and not quite the powerful, confident woman she was in the beginning. Hopefully that Olivia will return.

In researching this post I just found out that there is another whole season before we catch up to what is airing at the moment! More Scandal for us! Is there anything better than finding a new tv series that already has 4 seasons?!

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