Link Love - home decor & pinks

 photo cloud-fluff_zpsb1lhbayk.jpg Normally in February Darwin is humid, hot & sweaty, but I lucked out this past week. I was there on a work trip and Darwin put on some nice weather for a change. It was overcast and about 28 each day. It rained at night, not during the day and you could walk to work without needing a change of clothes. Not sweaty at all. And now it is suddenly the weekend again. We are planning on catching up with friends, cleaning the house and resting - exciting times! How about you?

Catching my eye on the internet this week:

This apartment has something every apartment should have

A stylish Helsinki Home on My Scandi Home

The pinks in this post by Design Love Fest

Joni from Lay Baby Lay on balancing creativity, motherhood and work

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 photo plane-window_zpsavsn9dmj.jpg
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