5 Tips for an easy Disneyland Trip

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Before Christmas we spent a few wonderful days at Disneyland in California. I think I was way more excited about going to Disneyland than Lulu was, even after she found out what it was! I have been fortunate enough to have been to Disneyland a few times before, so I didn't do much research before we left, aside from what rides would be appropriate for Lulu. However the following tips that I have now amassed, would have come in very handy:

1. You don't need to go early
Our first day at Disneyland was the day after arriving in LA. Due to jet lag we slept in and had to wake Lulu at 9 to head to Disneyland. When we finally arrived at the gates at 10:30, post breakfast, there were no lines to get in, nor were there big queues for the Fantasy Land rides that we wanted to go on. Things got much busier in the afternoon however. The one morning we managed to arrive just after 9 there were big queues at the gates. Sleep in & miss the queues.

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Meeting Mickey, Minney and Snow White at Disneyland

2. Go on the most popular rides in the morning 
We didn’t purchase fast passes and found that by heading to the popular rides as soon as you get through the gates, the lines are much shorter than trying to go after lunch. Not that this is a ride but we hit up the Disney Princesses as soon as we entered the park on the day that we arrived at 9 and there was no line at all! Before midday at California Adventure I overheard someone saying that the line for Toy Story was only 20 mins. It never was below 45 mins the rest of the day. Hit up the most popular rides in the morning.

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In line for the Toy Story Ride at Disney California Adventure Park

3. You don’t need a magic mornings pass
Magic mornings allows you entry to the park an hour before opening. Due to the jet lag, Lulu slept in until at least 8 am every morning we were there. I have to admit that we too were thoroughly enjoying these sleep ins, so setting the alarm for 6am was not very appealing. Our Magic Mornings passes went unused. 

4. Catch the parades
We absolutely loved the parades. The choreography was awesome and the costumes fabulous. Don’t miss the parades.

 photo 5-Tips-for-an-easy-Disneyland-Trip-2_zpssakxwvrd.jpg
The Parade at Disney California Adventure Park

5. Catch the night time shows
California Adventure Park has a huge light show at 9 and by the time it is finished you can leave the park and stand between the two parks and watch the fireworks over Disneyland. Due to the aforementioned jet lag we were only able to stay up late to see the night shows one of the nights, but it was so worth it. 

Have you been to Disneyland? If so, what are your hot tips?