Returning home

Girl in the Pjs Home

Girl in the Pjs Home

Girl in the Pjs Returning Home
After a 2 hour drive to LA, a number of hours (too many really) waiting in LAX, then a 14 hour flight connecting to a 3 hour flight, we are now home! Lulu slept for about 8 or 9 hours on the flight from LA and 2 hours on the Alice Springs flight. Nick and I took Tylenol Nighttime and managed at least 5 or 6 hours each. 

Home looked vastly different from how we’d left it. Alice Springs was a hot dry dusty red town back in December. As the plane pulled through the clouds we found a waterlogged, cool green land! Yesterday was about 20 degrees for most of the day with rain. It was a lovely homecoming. 

Our backyard has grass. The rocket has seeded itself in the green pot that only used to hold what I thought were dried out seed pods and rocket has seeded itself on the ground next to our patio.  Amazing! Yes the pool may also be a little green and there are weeds everywhere, but we’ll sort that out soon. It’s a wonderful treat to have such cool weather in the middle of January. Although it does make drying washing a little difficult, but I’d pick the cool weather over quickly dried clothes, you?Girl in the Pjs Returning Home

PS Rain in the Alice