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We are delighted to announce that I am PREGNANT! After two years of 'trying' and one miscarriage we managed to become pregnant the month before our long awaited initial fertility appointment. The first trimester was a haze of nausea, greasy food and lots of sleep (Nick even asked a doctor if it was normal for a pregnant lady to sleep 18 hours a day - turns out it is!). It was much worse than the first time, I think because I was trying to go to work and do all my normal day to day stuff. During the first trimester of my pregnancy with Lulu, Nick and I were living in Canada. I didn't have a job or a 3 year old, so I could sleep in as long as I liked, watch tv all day or read and then go to bed early. Turns out that if you through in normal activity, the nausea and tiredness are amplified! Luckily I emerged from the haze just in time for our overseas holiday. It was a little touch and go, with me throwing up the weekend before but it all settled down and I haven't felt nauseous since. The tiredness has also eased up a lot.

I'm now well into the second trimester at 21 weeks and all is going well. Aside from the inevitable weight gain that 5 weeks in North America will have on anyone (how can you say no to awesome ricotta pancakes with maple syrup at the Kings Highway Diner?). It is nice to be home, eating normal meals and back at the gym. Hopefully this new energy level lasts through this trimester and into the next one.

As for Lulu, she is very excited about the baby. Now that we are home she's telling everyone that 'we are having a baby'. We are all looking forward to the end of May! Below is a 20 weeks belly shot. Starting to look a little like I am smuggling a basketball. This is getting real folks.

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