The Good Wife

 photo The-Good-Wife_2_zps8eurfuwi.jpgBeing home sick a lot this past month or so means that I have been stuck into watching the Good Wife on Stan. I am uncertain as to why I didn’t watch this show when it was first on tv but am so glad that I didn’t because I get to watch it now in all it’s ‘new to me’ goodness. 

The Good Wife is centred around the life of Alicia Florrick, wife of the disgraced former States  Attorney Peter Florrick and mum to two teenage children. Following a sexual scandal, Alicia's husband is forced out of office and into prison. Alicia and the children have to downsize from their luxurious suburban home into an inner city apartment and Alicia, who has until now has been a stay at home mum, heads back to work. Luckily, she has a law degree to fall back on. This sets up the pilot episode for you. The rest of the show is about how their lives adjust and cope with these abrupt changes and media intrusion. 

This show gives an excellent look into the motivations behind women who ‘stand by their man’ after a sexual scandal. The women who we all wonder to ourselves ‘why don’t they just leave’? The flow on affects these scandals have, not only on the lives of those involved but also on the children and extended family. Marriages and families are complicated. It isn’t always easy to ‘just leave’. I highly recommend The Good Wife and I am very glad to see Alicia finally having some fun in series 3!!