Fargo Season 2

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Have you caught the first episode of Fargo Season 2? We are a little behind due to our addiction to Scandal, but last Saturday night we set aside time for Fargo as the first episode will only be on SBS On Demand for another 2 days! If you are reading this after that time then I suggest you catch the first episode on Apple TV and then watch the rest on SBS, because it is good. 

Fargo Season 2 has that same slow drawl as the last season. Shocking events happening to seemingly random normal people and the story develops from there. Shot in Calgary, the scenery is again, stark but beautiful. And can we talk about how bouncy Kirsten Dunst’s hair is? An amazing effort from the Hair Department. All in all this season looks to be promising. Catch up before it disappears from SBS On Demand
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Ps Fargo Season 1