A quick trip

Sometimes you just have to get away & while this recently break in Melbourne was not by choice, it was a welcome getaway. We drove up to Apollo Bay for two nights for a chance to breathe in the sea air and catch up with Nick's sister and her partner. Then back to Melbourne for two days for Lulu to have a test at the Children's hospital.

If you haven't been to the Melbourne Children's Hospital, it really is worth a sticky beak! It has an aquarium, a meerkat inclosure and even a ice-cream shop - perfect for a little girl post slightly invasive procedure! We are hoping to get to the bottom of her respiratory issues, which keep occurring despite her not having aspirated for over a year now. We aren't really sure if this is the answer, we just keep hoping that she won't get sick again.

Back to the hospital, it also has a huge playground in the parklands next door. Scroll down for a few photos. If you are ever in Melbourne the park and the hospital are both worth a visit. And if you do go to the park with a small child, make sure you bring a change of clothes for the child! We stayed at the Larwill Studio, located at the hospital - very convenient for getting to appointments. It was a brief trip but well worth it.

 photo Apollo-Bay-1_zpsdct2xmvw.jpg photo Apollo-Bay-2_zpsyd5pvdeu.jpg photo The-Larwill-1_zpsn7dkszyt.jpg photo The-Larwill-2_zpsz0urlfdn.jpg photo Melbourne-Park-1_zpslyqvgqdt.jpg photo Melbourne-Park-2_zpsc1aydvp8.jpg

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