Seven Things to Read Do Listen

Seven Things

This months seven things....

Infinite Folk spotify playlist is on repeat.

Have you tried any of the Nike training club workouts? I’m enjoying this 12 min tabata trained workout as a warm up before my weights program.

Giving to UNICEF Syria Appeal.

I am back on the Dr Pepper - the perfect fizzy drink.

Listening to the new Man Repellar podcast. I have been a long time fan of Man Repellar. This podcast gives a little insight into the philosophy and lives of women. I highly recommend it.

I recently finished reading Little Big Lies by Laine Moriaty. I literally could not put this book down. So good. Hoping the parents at Lulu’s school will be a little more welcoming!

Spent a recent Monday afternoon cuddling a sick child. While it isn’t great having a sick child, it was wonderful to be able to drop everything an just be. The Ben and Holly episode we watched inspired me to spend the evening after she went to be watching Grand Designs. I encourage you to take an evening to yourself and do something that calms your soul.