Review of Unreal Season 1

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Are you a fan of the Bachelor? To be really honest, I am not. I find it a little insulting to women. It's degrading, anti-feminist, contrived and it's pretty much everything I hate about reality TV. So when I heard about UnReal - a fictional behind the scenes of a 'the bachelor' type show, my interest was peaked. UnReal is written by Sarah Gertrude Shapiro who was a producer on the Bachelor for 5 years. So when it comes to behind the scenes, she knows!

The Plot
UnReal follows a season of the fictional show 'Everlasting'. Everlasting is pretty much the same as the Bachelor. The show is centred around producer Rachel, who has moral dilemmas about working on the show. Rachel is ‘bouncing back’ after a breakdown, dealing with an ex-boyfriend and is being pushed to go beyond her moral judgement by Quinn. ‘The girls’ that have been selected to be on the show all have problems of their own and they are each manipulated to make the show ‘great tv’.  UnReal offers glimpses into their motivations as well as that of the producers and executives.  

My Verdict
The first episode of UnReal did not really do it for me. It seemed to mirror the bachelor a little too much, with not enough insight into the production team. But the second episode moved beyond that quite quickly and of course I became hooked. The show teases out the idea of ‘true love’ showing that love and fulfilment can come in many different forms and it might not be exactly what you were looking for. 

You can catch UnReal on Stan