How to get rid of ingrown hairs

It is so hard to find a good beauty therapist in Alice Springs. Generally the girls that are employed are travellers. Here for 6 months or so an then onto the next place. They either heat the wax too much (ouch!), take forever ripping out the hairs one by one, I also like to only go to places that I can walk to in my lunch break. It just takes too much time out of the lunch break to have to drive anywhere, so that narrows down the places I can go to yet again. Like most girls, I hate getting my bikini line waxed, I always end up with ingrown hairs and quite frankly I just try to avoid it, but I do like the results so I have to put up with it. Anyway, I recently found my solution to where to get it done and found out how to get rid of ingrown hairs. 
GIRL IN THE PJS: How to get rid of ingrown hairs

Headlines Alice Springs
Headlines is within walking distance of my work and I hadn’t been there in years due to the revolving door of beauty therapists - I think they were without one for a long time, but I decided to give them another go. It turns out they do have a new therapist and she is awesome! She’s sweet and easy to talk to and not only that she’s going to be in town for a long time - hurrah! 

Salt Scrub
The new beauty therapist put me onto this new range of beauty products that Headlines are stocking, called Eco by Sonya Driver. The products are Australian made and use only organic vegan vegan ingredients - the good stuff. The products are chemical free and are not tested on animals. As recommended by the beauty therapist, I tried the Eco By Sonya Driver Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub on my bikini line. 

Use Daily
Use the scrub each day BEFORE you get in the shower. Just chuck it on while you’re waiting for the water to heat up. Wash it off in the shower and wallah, no more ingrown hairs! The catch is you do need to use it each day. Last month I missed a few days each week and had one or two ingrowns again. But when I have consistently used it, NO ingrowns! My mind is blown. This stuff is fantastic. Prevention is a cure!

1. When in Alice Springs go to Headlines for waxing needs
2. Use Eco By Sonya Driver Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub DAILY to rid yourself of ingrown hairs 

GIRL IN THE PJS: How to get rid of ingrown hairs
Let me know how you go! Do you have your own secret tip for getting rid of ingrown hairs? If so I would love to know, please leave a message in the comments below…

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