Full Stop Pop Shop

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A bright spark has popped up in the Todd Mall. Late last week the Full Stop Pop Shop opened in the old Don Thomas store. Here until Sunday, the Full Stop Pop Shop brings together a contemporary collection of objects from local makers. 
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The brains behind the Full Stop Pop Shop are a group of local women, Charmaine, Elliat, Sarah, Kirsty, Anna and Mel. The group all have children, that range in age from 14-1 and they all have full time jobs. After discussion one day about the number of empty shops in the Todd Mall, the group decided to take action. Charmaine, who works at the Papunya Tula Gallery couldn’t help but stare into the vacant Don Thomas store each day and when the question of location came up, it was the natural choice. The shop has sat vacant for over a year, along with the shop next door. 
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The Details
The Full Stop Pop Shop stocks a range of goods made by the group, including ceramics, vintage clothes, textiles, and edible goodies. It is open from 10-6pm daily until Sunday 6th September, with new goodies each day. 
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Alice Springs continues to surprise you, talent seems to come from no where but has been here all along. It is wonderful that such busy women have taken the time to make our town just that little bit brighter. The Full Stop Pop Shop gives life to an otherwise vacant part of the Todd Mall and although it is just a pop up, I do hope it will pop back up in the near future. 

Want more? Check out Elliat's Facebook Page & etsy Elbowrkshop and Mel's instagram @melrobsonceramics

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