Veep Season 4

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Are you watching the latest series of Veep? I think this show has just gotten better and better. The characters have come into their own during season 4.  This season everyone has reached their career pinnacles and it's great to watch them thrive and/or fail. Selena makes, well for lack of a better phrase, an interesting President. It goes to show that you do need to surround yourself with competent people and that competent people can mask the incompetence of others. 

I love the progression of the Jonah Ryan storyline & that he ends up with his own catchphrase! Hugh Lawrie is a great addition as the handsome, likeable Tom James. I think the Bill Ericsson character could have played a bigger role, the role was introduced with a lot of promise and then fizzled out.

Fans of The Thick of It will find this season a little familiar as the season more closely aligns with the final season of the Thick of It. All in all I have loved this season of Veep. Bring on season 5!