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Plane time this week gave the perfect opportunity for magazine catch up
This week has been a wild one, but a good one. It is always wonderful to feel that your work is appreciated, to fit in & to be told you are good at something. I was lucky enough to have all those things happen to me this week. Here's to a fullfilled weekend! Do you have much on? Our weekends seem to fill up quickly at the moment. I am loving our Friday nights in though. The rest of the weekend is booked out, but a chance to be together on Friday night is gold.

Catching my eye on the internets:

This beautiful home on Homes to Love

'If we don't own the narrative of our own bodies, somebody else will use it against us' - Kiran Ghandi on why she ran a marathon without a tampon when on her period. 

Declutter one item a day sounds like the best advice - 10 Decluttering principles on Becoming a Minimalist 

An interesting discussion about little girls' obsession with princesses on Oh Joy

A guide to natural deodorant on Reading My Tea Leaves - I have been thinking about making the switch for a while & this post has reminded me that I just should go for it.

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