Link Love - Children's label, Dancers & a ClusterF*K

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old boots and succulents
A call from Lulu's respiratory doctor did a lot to relieve the frustration I mentioned on Instagram yesterday. We have a clear path of investigation going forward, but need to wait for Lulu's pediatrician here to return from holidays. 

Do you have big plans this weekend? We're looking at spending some time in the garden, Nick's going to a gig, I'm going to have a glorious night in with Lulu. Hopefully she'll go to sleep early and I can get stuck into watching Scandal, a show that is new to me. Wish me luck!

Catching my eye on the internet this week:

This sweet Aussie children's label called Minouche - I can just see Lulu having hours of fun in their play skirt

Also this children's clothing company, Arlo & Imus has a cute folky feel to it!

Dancers among us - New York Photographer Jordan Matter's latest project. I love the waitress, and the Grand Central Station one is a close second, what's your favourite?

A horrifying development in Australia's xenophobia - If the boarder force acts like this in Melbourne what do they do offshore? and this Timeline of ABF's Total Clusterfuck

Ps Did you catch our dining room before and after and 4 Reasons to Like Mysteries of Laura?