Bones Season 10 Episode 19

GIRL IN THE PJS: Bones Season 10 Episode 19
Oh my goodness, are you watching this season of Bones? You may not be as it is on Channel 7 sporadically at the ridiculous time of 10pm Sundays. Anyway,  this is a huge spoiler alert. If you did not see the episode that aired on Sunday and if you are not up to episode 19 then please do not click on the read more below.

Ok so your up to episode 19 too?! How betrayed did you feel when Booth looked at Bones and LIED about the gambling? I felt like he was lying to me and wanted to start crying. How could he lie to her face like that? Doesn't he know that if Bones asks a question she usually knows the answer to it, especially a question like that. The walk out the door. I’m desperate to know what happens next. 

On a different note I am extremely happy for Cam and Aristoo. It is also encouraging to see a Islamic country in a more positive light. Though it outlined the restrictions of the citizens there  & the extreme punishment that may befall those who do wrong, it didn’t only show the negative and that has to be a good thing for the general American viewing public. 

What did you think of Booth lying to Bones? Were you heartbroken too?

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