A Last Minute Picnic

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Last Saturday Lulu put in a request for a last minute picnic dinner. Picnics are not my forte & other than cold meats and bread I really don’t know what exactly constitutes picnic food?! Luckily I remembered that I had two burritos in the freezer that I had made a week or two ago from a recipe from Save with Jamie

I heated the burritos in the oven, then packed a bag with some strawberries, some leftover salsa, bubble water and a throw. Once the burritos were cooked I wrapped them in a tea towel, added them to the back and we headed to the park! 

While a last minute picnic may have been a great dinner plan and a beautiful dinner location, Lulu was a little distracted by the playground and didn’t really eat much dinner. Better left for the odd occasion, like Picnic Day, the Northern Territory’s bizarre Public Holiday, that we never want to let go of!
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If you happen to live in Darwin and are a little more organised than me, check out Picnic Darwin - you can order a picnic ahead of time & the lovely Noosh & Clara will cook you the most delicious food & deliver it to you ready for your picnic. What more could you want?

PS check out this cool back and white picnic