4 Reasons to like The Mysteries of Laura

GIRL IN THE PJS: 4 Reasons to like The Mysteries of Laura
I cannot express how much I LOVE the Mysteries of Laura. It has all my favourite elements:

1. Crime Drama
I love a good crime drama. This show is set in a New York City police department & New York always makes a great setting for a show. With so many different people in the city, the cases are endless.

2. Strong female lead & other strong female characters
The show is set around Laura, a detective and mother of twin boys. She solves cases, manages daycare & preschool situations & navigates a messy ex-situation. The character is a little cliched in that she doesn't care about fashion & is pretty messy (essential for a female detective these days) but there is another detective on Laura's team who goes against the cliche and loves shoes and fashion AND can run faster and tackle harder than the blokes.

3. Each case solved within the hour
I know that all the critically acclaimed shows have cases that stretch on for seasons, mirroring the real world a little closer, but as a working mum, I don't really have time to watch episode after episode and keep track of all that. I need the case to be solved within the hour and this show has that.

4. Funny
Yep it mixes seriousness with a little humour. Can't go wrong with that.

The Mysteries on Laura is finally showing on Channel 9.