Territory Day: Fireworks night

 photo fireworks-346900_640_zps54fprkmk.jpg
Fireworks night aka Territory Day is almost upon us. You either love or hate fireworks night and the haters seems to be almost directly correlated to those with dogs or those with a job in emergency services.

The rest of us are the lovers. On Territory Day, July 1, you can purchase fireworks in all major shopping centres for one day only. The terms of sale is that they are to be let off on the day, however some people may have been known to squirrel them away for a later day. There are some idiots who set fireworks off during the day, but most wait until the evening when the fireworks really stand out.

I love a fireworks display and this year I think we will get a small pack or two and let them off in the backyard as soon as it gets dark. I can't wait.

Do you have a fireworks night where you live? Do you love them or hate them? I can totally see why people with scared animals hate them, but I just love the exploding colour.