Movies to look forward to

Check out the trailer for 'The Intern'. It stars Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway and the movie is by writer/director Nancy Meyers (I always love her films!) and looks to be another heartfelt, feel good movie.

Just watching the trailer for Love & Mercy - the Brian Wilson biopic made me cry - god only knows what I'll be without you....

Saint Laurent - About the fashion designer, of course. The film looks beautiful and the 60s costumes are to die for.

Kirsten Wiig stars in Welcome to Me. It's about a women who has borderline personality disorder. She becomes a lottery winner and starts own TV show, determined to become the next Oprah. It looks to be funny in the way the English Office is funny, cringe worthy, maybe we shouldn't laugh at this, funny. 

Do you have a movie you're looking forward to seeing? Please mention it in the comments below x
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