Community Season 6

 photo Community_Season_6_Poster_zpscks84jyp.jpg
We signed up to the Stan free trial back in January and loved it. It had the jump start on Netflicks which is probably the only reason why we signed up to Stan first but I'm glad we did.

We are big Community fans and have watched though series six. It is the series we probably didn't need to have but is ok that we have gotten. Everything wrapped up really well at the end of series 5. The characters had grown and it seemed a little cruel to bring them back to Community College again. Without three of the original characters it was a bit of a stretch introducing new characters at this late stage, however the writers were able to integrate the characters into the story and you did end the season with an affinity for them. Dan Harmon, the shows creator, returns from exile and the episodes have the familiar zaniness of the first few series. With only 13 episodes you can knock off the series quite quickly and for funny fluff the series rates well with me.