Catch up day

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The last few weeks have been so busy, at work and at home, that I finally bit the bullet and asked for a rec leave day. A catch up day for me to make a dent in the washing, catch up on blog posts & get back to the gym. Would you believe the gym sent me an email two weeks ago saying they missed me?! It has been a while...

I really am so lucky that my workplace is so flexible and that I was able to have time off at such short notice. I think it is so much better for the employer if you go to them and say that life is a little hectic and ask if you can have a day off to catch up, than just chucking a sickie. It gives them notice and time to work out whether the staffing levels can cope.

Let's face it. Working full time, being a mum and having a life in general is tough. Even with the best support there comes a time when you just need a break and a chance to catch up. If you have enough leave up your sleeve, I would encourage you to take a break too, you deserve it.