4 Steps for Wardrobe Organisation

For the past few months I have been scouring the web for inspiration for our new wardrobe and I have to say, it isn't a popular web topic. Nor do many of the photos I did find actually inspire me toward anything. I think wardrobes are one of those things where you know what you don't want, but find it hard to express what you DO want. Many posts respond to individual problems rather than general issues, so it's hard to translate the tips. Design Love Fest recently had a post on a Closet Makeover and the post was extremely helpful but again, many specific closet solutions rather than general.

4 Steps for wardrobe organisation


Here are a few general tips I have picked up for wardrobe organisation:

1. Empty out your wardrobe

This insures that you are only putting back exactly what you actually wear and/or love. I have a few things that I love, but pretty much never wear and I have to admit they have made their way back into the wardrobe.

2. Have two garbage bags handy

Inside one goes things that are clean that someone would wear again - things for the op shop

Inside the other goes things that no-one would ever wear again - underwear you're chucking, that t-shirt that the smell won't get out of - things for the bin.

3. Draws

Draws are so handy for hiding stuff. If your cupboard doesn't have draws, measure your space & then buy a cheap set to insert in there.

4. Shoe Storage

Getting shoe storage right can be so tricky. It really is the key that holds everything together. While I would love to say that mine look like the photo above, they really don't. I'm thinking a box for out-of season shoes and then the shoes I wear every day on a shelf like the ones above.

Here's to good wardrobe organisation!