Link love

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So I didn't notice the half scratched off sticker on the Inside Out Mag till I had already uploaded the photo. I have had so little blogging time that I cannot retake this photo. Please forgive this photography faux pas. 
Wow, full-time work and social commitments (sleep) do not leave much time for blogging. We've hit the weekend and Nick has today off work so I've had a little bit of time to take a quick photo and surf the web. The giant stack of magazines that have piled up can wait a little longer.

I love this quote from Victoria Beckham 'I used to feel famous, but now I feel successful' - she's working hard and it's paying off. I really warmed to her in this article and respect her work ethic.

Love the tiles in this bathroom

This piñata cake and this super easy cake

Jen has a new advice column

As for weekend plans? We have so many jobs to do around the house it's hard to know where to start! Paving, putting up paintings, installing the new shower head and general housework. What ever you might be up to I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.