Full-time work

 photo Mountain-Bike-Rescue_zpsddbwksm9.jpg
Stuart Highway, North of Alice Springs
Last week I started back full time at work. It turns out that I haven't worked full time since 2010! How had it ended up being that long? Well, in 2010 we left for our grand Canadian adventure. While we were there I became pregnant. We returned in September 2011. I did a brief stint of full-time work in October and November of 2011 (does that even count?) before being engaged as an Anthropological Consultant two days a week. I then went on Maternity leave. I was offered an Anthropologist position at my current workplace when Lulu was three months old and so I went back two days a week and slowly built up my days from there. And here we are in 2015 back to full time.

Have you gone back to full-time work after a big break? How did you find it? I found that the week went really quickly. I may have combined starting full time work with hitting the gym hard for the first time this year and by the weekend I was a little sore and tired, but feeling great. And Lulu was a champ. Her daycare have started a pre-school program for the big kids making the days more stimulating. She's learning so much. She also has Wednesdays with her Grandma, giving her a nice mid week break.

And the photo above? An early morning rescue of a mountain biker stuck out of town!