DIY Valentines

Here is a little round-up of all the cute Valentines ideas I have found on the world wide web this year:

1. This DIY heart stamp is really adorable - the blog link is to a cute blog in Istanbul. The photos of the how-to speak for themselves.

2. The heart balloons make this Valentines over on Oh Happy Day. The tatty valentine comes in a runner up for my second favourite.

3. Naughts and Crosses biscuits look like so much fun.

4. Sparkly heart stirrers - I have no idea when it would be necessary to make/use these, I really wish there would be that kind of event that would make it necessary!

As for us? This Valentines I'll be making these biscuits with Lulu & Nick. Do you celebrate Valentines Day? If you do, what will you be doing to celebrate Valentines this year? I love the idea of having a Galentines party ala Lesley Knope from Parks and Rec. Then you could make the sparkly heart stirrers! Yes! Am glad we have come across an event that we need sparkly heart stirrers for!

You can check out last years Valentines ideas HERE and even more Valentines ideas HERE