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 photo river-1_zpsd1f0cfbe.jpg
The flowing Todd River
January in Alice Springs is normally hot, hot, hot. We returned from holidays expecting it to be 40+ for the foreseeable future and were pleasantly surprised to discover it raining as we stepped off the plane. And it pretty much hasn't stopped raining since. It's also been strongly cool. I've been wearing jeans and boots to work - in January! Unheard of, till now!
 photo River-2_zps42b19833.jpg
The Todd River
 photo river-3_zps20a62bcd.jpg The river (which is usually dry) came down on Thursday and has been flowing ever since. Our pool hasn't been filled since before Christmas and it is now to the brim. Last night it rained so hard that our street became a river, flowing over both kerbs & into some driveways. Luckily we had our roof replaced last year, otherwise we may not have had a dry refuge in our place. Friends have had their kitchen turn into a swimming pool & as much as we are all loving the rain it is probably time for it to stop now. 2015 you sure are bringing lots of surprises! Fire in Adelaide and floods in Alice Springs. Climate change is taking it's toll. Let's pressure our politicians to start doing something about it.

Catching my eye on the interwebs this week:

House plant watering instructions on June Letters Studio Blog - I am hopeless with keeping house plants alive, but am going to try this year! I've had success with my office plant last year so fingers crossed this translates to this year.

I love that in her quest for a minimalist wardrobe, Erin from Reading My Tea Leaves has gotten rid of her 'rag pile' of comfy clothes and swapped them for pajama sets - my kind of woman.

These gold shorts are just gorgeous!

More rain in the Alice photos here
 photo Our-street_zps7fce3bb5.jpg
The river in our street & me in my pjs, of course!