Link Love

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I can take no credit for this Christmas vignette apart from the purchase of the items, Nick put it together while I made coffee on our 'Decorate for Christmas' Day 1 of advent

Christmas has been in full swing this week with a Christmas party for my work and a Christmas party for Lulu's 'work' (daycare, she calls it work & trust me, they do have a gruelling schedule of stories, craft and painting), not to mention the town council tree lighting! I have finally made gingerbread latte mixture and Christmas biscuits (more on that to come) and it's only one more week and then Lulu gets to see her Nanna. The countdown is on!

Catching my eye on the internet this week:

A 'study' falsified the link between vaccinations & autism - there is no link, there has never been a link, and infectious diseases that were once under control are now rearing their ugly heads.

Homeland has an accurate and refreshing portrayal of bi-polar - I have not watched Homeland as I refuse to glorify the obsession with terrorism and the muslim 'other' but I am hardened to hear that they are accurately portraying what it is like to have bipolar.

This advent calendar by Mama Nourish is the bomb.....Next year.....