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Storms hit Alice Springs
Alice Springs has had a week of wild weather. Storms out of no where. Lightening, rain, then sudden rainbows and then straight back to rain again. Aside from the insane humidity in the over 36 degrees weather prior to the rain, it has been a nice change from the constant sunshine we have here - I know how horrible hey? Last night we stood in the park across the road and watched a storm happening in the distance with one of our neighbours. It truly is a spectacular time of year. Hope December is treating you well too.

A few things catching my eye on the internet this week:

A beautiful post from Our City Lights on taking care of your heart above all else

Lovely interview with Anouska Schollay from the March Collective on The Grace Tales - I met Anouska at Splash last May. She and her business partner Brooke, really are the nicest people!

Rebecca Judd points out how ridiculous tabloid articles really are.

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