Just a Minute in December

 photo gingerbread-latte_zps247b805c.jpg

Listening - to CeeLo's Magic Moment

Making - cinnamon biscuits from this recipe

Eating - the cinnamon biscuits of course!

Drinking - homemade gingerbread lattes - from this recipe - gingerbread lattes really make it feel like Christmas - and they're so easy to make.

Reading - Yes Please by Amy Poeler - she is so funny and has a manner that instantly makes you feel      as though you are close friends.

Watching - Christmas movies - today we watched one of my favourites - The Muppets Christmas Carol

Wishing - that we were already on holidays. The countdown is on!

What are you up to? This time of year is so busy, but if you do have just a minute please leave your answers or a link in the comments below.
 photo lulu-baking_zps115da86d.jpg
I do have to credit my friend with taking this cute photo. Lulu was explaining to her how you make biscuits!