Time Management for House Renovations

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Things are happening! Yay! We have had numerous delays because our house is far too old and quirkily built (well, past dodgy building practices are more to blame than quirks). Our builder, tiler and plumber have spent more time repairing, levelling and making good than they anticipated. The additional time spent on our place has extended into time where they had other jobs lined up which has meant that they have had to do the other jobs and not do ours.

I have to say it is pretty sad to see your house empty & lonely for a whole week or so. Yes, the title of this post was a bit of a joke as there are so many things you can't anticipate when you are renovating a house that was built in the 1950s (read no building certification back then) with extensions in the 1970s (building work for this was certified in an amnesty in 2007, never inspected).

But things are happening now. The kitchen went in last week and the laundry was built. It now sits in our lounge room until we can get the concrete slab laid (maybe early next week?) and the toilet and vanity have been installed in the bathroom. This week the painters are in. They have a lot of prep work to patch walls and remove the glue residue from the walls that had the cork. The carpet is being laid on Friday in the bedrooms and hopefully the electricians can work around all this. If they can we may be able to move in this weekend. If they can't then we'll be moving in furniture this weekend and us next weekend.

The take home message? Things take way longer than expected. Also, electricians are reluctant to hang hanging lights near fans. Something about the fans making them swing and causing the lights to flicker. I hadn't thought about at all. Anyway, I'd love to hear about how long your renovation took. Was it longer than expected? I thought ours may be two months and it's now been 3 and a bit. At least we are nearing the end!