Exercise Stats

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So exercise? Well, after this post, I hardly did any exercise during winter. Far too cold and dark. Towards the end of winter a new gym opened up in town. I've never really been a gym girl but my friend convinced me to join up and I am so glad I did. I have become a weights girl. I have a program that my personal trainer (who I saw three times at the beginning) set out & I also like going to pump. I try to do 2 pump classes a week and 1 weights program. Plus one attack class a week. It doesn't always end up being that many, but most weeks it does.

How do I fit them in? The gym has childcare! On my Mondays off work, Lulu and I go to the gym. She goes to childcare and I go to pump. Tuesday morning I go to the 6am attack class and then shower and get ready for work at the gym. That way when I get home at 7:30 I'm ready to pitch in to help get us all to work and daycare by 8. Thursday I do a weights program at 6am and Saturday morning Lulu goes to childcare while I do the pump class. She loves the interaction with the other kids for the hour and after 2 years of me exercising without her, she thinks it's so cool that she can come with me.

I have found that I have missed running and so last week I skipped the attack class to run. I was so glad I did, even if it was just on the tread mill. I really had missed it! Do you like running? I bumped into the attack instructor in the locker room after my run & she confided that she can't run. I have to say that this did make me feel a little better about being so uncoordinated at attack! We all have our strengths. Are you a runner? Or are you more of a group fitness type? I'm going to keep going to attack, but I will intersperse it with runs in future. Anyway, so that's what I've been up to fitness wise. How about you?