The Code

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Lucy Lawless as Alex Wisham in the Code
For the past few weeks, every now and then you'll hear someone ask 'are you watching the code?' The Code is a new drama on the ABC. It has a little bit of the outback, in the fictional town of Lindara, mixed in with the city of Canberra and a tonne of mystery. The Sydney Morning Herald describes the Code's plot as 'a slick, smart, suspenseful, hacktivist conspiracy'.

The Code shows a side to Canberra that we wouldn't think was there, a side more akin to Washington DC. The show's writer, Shelley Birse, wanted to show Canberra as 'a sophisticated international city, with a lot going on beneath the surface'. It's what's going on below the surface that makes the Code a little hard to watch at times. I did think our police force had a higher human rights standard, and am hoping that this is only fiction, and not based on some insider knowledge.

One of the best parts of the Code is the relationship between the brothers, hacker Jesse Baker (Ashley Zukerman) and journalist Ned Baker (Dan Spielman). The portrayal of the reality of caring for someone with a mental illness is really well done. Including a character with a mental illness seems to be something that newer ABC shows are doing, with Please Like Me, also confronting mental illness head on. Anyway the Code is a great show, you can catch the entire series (all 6 episodes) on iView now. 
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Ashley Zukerman as Jesse Baker in the Code