Renovations Week 10

 photo Week-113_zps97ab4443.jpg
New tiles, pre-grouting, looking a little darker than they are in real life
 photo Renos-week-111_zps4de9fb93.jpg
New flashings on the edge of the roof
 photo Week-112_zps0acabb41.jpg
My gardening is paying off with finds like these plants
The surprises continue. We had the asbestos tiles removed and Nick removed the remaining glue (a horrible job). As we were cleaning up the dust residue that comes with the glue I was standing near our new double doors and it felt like I was down hill. Turns out I was. There was a 40mil difference between rooms which is a lot apparently. Instead of spending Monday and Tuesday laying tiles, our tiler spent the two days levelling and so we are once again behind due to our shoddily built place. The new flashings are up and we have a quote for the carpet. Things are moving on, even if it is a little slower than I would like.

Since there isn't much that we can work on inside, I spent the weekend removing the leaves and other debris that has filled the front yard over the last few years. I cleared out a relatively small patch of the yard & managed to fill the tipper tray! Gardening gives me such a sense of achievement. It feels great to be able to see such a big change in such a short amount of time. What's your thoughts on gardening? I have to say, I get more excited about the pruning back, clearing out dead stuff bit than the planing new things and watching them grow bit. I think there is way more immediate satisfaction in clearing out.