Madame Secretary

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While I was home suffering from gastro last week, I caught up with the first episode of Madame Secretary on TenPlay. It is good, really good. The show is a fictionalised story about the American Secretary of State. I like that there is a strong female lead (Did you know there have been more female than male Secretaries of State over the years?) and that the show is written and produced by women. It has a bit of a West Wing feel about it. The show doesn't seem to fall into the xenophobic trap, although there was one remark about Syria that the show could have done without.

This article is quite scathing, stating, among other things, that the show does over play the female Secretary of State card. While I have only seen one episode, rather than the three that reviewer had seen, I don't think they played the female card, I think the tension came from the fact that she was a friend of the president, rather than a colleague and as a friend she has other channels of communication, rather than the formalised ones. As to the show not mirroring Hillary Clinton's reign as Secretary of State? Well, it is a fictional show, not a documentary. It's allowed to be different. And it is a rather good watch.