Link Love

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I found this plant alive and flowering at our house last weekend
The sickness continued this week with Lulu struck down with a respiratory infection and a fever which lasted from Wednesday night into the early hours of Friday morning. I was out for dinner with friends Wednesday night when she became sick, reinforcing the fact that if I leave her she gets sick! Agh! She's on the mend now & very excited that the doctor said she could go to her swimming lesson today.

Catching my eye on the internets this week:

Dinosaur Design's Louise Olsen's beautiful clothes on Inez Daily.

Coconut oil has become my staple for baking but don't think I could use it for savoury food. This article lists a few other things you can use coconut oil and explains what is so good about it.

A shampoo bottle that grows into a tree when you plant it via the Vine.

A monthly articles club sounds a lot more do-able than a monthly book club via A Cup of Jo

Ben Eltham discusses the effects of the Budget on the poor and the extent of poverty in Australia over on New Matilda.

And the Nappy Collective starts in Alice Springs on Monday!

Happy Weekend!! Hope you have a good one x