Link Love

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I think I'll have to make time to sit down with this mag and a glass of sparkling red this weekend!
This week Nick and I were both hit with bouts of gastro - on different days, each of us missing a day from work. Luckily (fingers crossed!) Lulu hasn't got it yet and hopefully she won't. The rest of the week was full, organising things for the Nappy Collective and for our house renovation.

This weekend were planning more work at the house, Nick's going to be grinding the glue off the floor from the asbestos tiles that were removed and I'm going to be cleaning up the front yard. Have you any big plans for the weekend? I hope they are a little more exciting than mine!

Catching my eye on the inter webs this week....
I love baking soda, it is just so useful and 1 Million Women have compiled 10 uses for basking soda but there are many more.

New desk style on Style Life Home

The Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art is exhibiting Martu Art until November 30

Neutrals never looked so good in this new styling video by Emily Henderson for Target

And I think we just have to have this giant inflatable pink flamingo for when our pool is up and running! (via Wee Birdy) (and I know - one strong wind & it blows onto our yuccas and it's gone, but I can dream, right?!)