Link Love & Weekend Adventures

 photo lilys_zpseb64582a.jpg
Lilies Lulu & Nick bought me on my return from Darwin
This week has been out of control crazy, with the cat getting injured and needing medication morning and night (he's on the mend), Nick's sister was visiting which meant lots of lovely dinners and outings (see photos below), renovation happenings, oh and just everyday work and home stuff. And now the weekend has come & almost gone without me even having posted this!

Anyway, catching my eye on the internets this week....

An interview with Lena Dunham about her new book on A Cup of Jo - live without regrets!

This cute kid room on Oy! Blog

This study has found that the global film industry perpetuates discrimination against women. Less than a third of all speaking characters in film are women!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

 photo Simpsons-Gap-2_zpscb6296af.jpg
Lulu and I at a BBQ at Simpson's Gap - me still suffering from the mother of all cold sores!
 photo Simpsons-Gap_zpsfe4e2c6e.jpg
Lulu riding her bike up a hill (steep rise) at Simpson's Gap