It's time to light the lights

 photo lights_zps468d8182.jpg
One two three four
The wiring for the lighting is in, so now it's time to think about light fittings. We need something for above the kitchen bench, a fitting for above the dining table and a statement light for in the living room. We're thinking of three in a row of one of the above lights. I guess the lights are all variations on a theme so it should't be too hard to choose, right?

We're thinking something like this for in the dining room or a fitting like the one below:
 photo matt-blatt_zpsf8809236.jpg
Photo from Matt Blatt

And maybe something outrageous, like the fitting below, for the living room?
 photo Matt-Blatt-art-deco_zpsec400631.jpg
Photo from Matt Blatt
What do you think? An outrageous light fitting for the living room, which is also our entry way? Or something a little more understated. I think we're leaning more towards the outrageous, but maybe a little less art deco than the one above.