Daycare Bag

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The logistical parts of the morning go something like this, as I finish earlier than Nick and we only have one car seat, I drop Lulu to daycare and pick Lulu up. Nick helps get her into the car in the mornings (as you probably guess, that of itself can be a bit of a mission) and more often than not I find that when I get to the car I have forgotten something and have to head back to the house. Does that ever happen to you?

Well, on Thursday when I got to the car I realised I'd left my cold sore cream in the house. I had the mother of all cold sores, so there was no way I way going to leave without it. I grabbed the cream and we set off for daycare. As soon as we arrived I reached for Lulu's back and realised I had left it back at home. Heading back home was not an option. I explained to Lulu that I had left her bag at home, but we had her bottle for nap time and she gave me a 'what the hell?' look & I went on to say that maybe she didn't need a change of clothes (her bottle for nap time was in her hand) and that as long as she told her carers when she needed to go to the loo, she'd be ok. And you know what? She was. No accidents, no need for a change of clothes, however I did made triply sure that her bag made it to daycare the next day!