Things I love: New Towels

 photo Things-I-love-new-towels_zps5a19259a.jpg
I have been operating on a two towel each policy. When one is in the wash you use the other one. No need for heaps of towels cluttering up the linen cupboard. This has worked well until the few months when these towels, purchased three years ago, are now starting to look fairly ratty from constant use. I am looking forward to moving the ratty ones on and purchasing some lovely new fluffy towels. I may even purchase more than two each to help with the longevity of said towels. I love the charcoal circle towels above from Country Road. I'm also going to be purchasing a few new tea towels and the colourful ones above are perfect for adding new season colour to the kitchen (found here). As for when we'll be enjoying our lovely new bathroom and kitchen, I wish I knew!

FYI - I did end up purchasing these sheets from the last Things I Love post - now I just have to wait until Novemeber for them to be delivered, patience, patience...