Beautiful Radelaide

 photo Adelaide-1_zps9b54d200.jpg
Cool bike racks (and cool bike) in Glenelg
 photo Adelaide-5_zps0b302516.jpg
Afternoon tea with Nana
 photo Adelaide-4_zps6f5f6803.jpg
Beach play with Nana
 photo Adelaide-3_zps00eabdb2.jpg
Ikea trip
 photo Adelaide-2_zps4c771710.jpg
Suburban sunset 
Just a few more shots from our time in Adelaide. The last two nights of our stay were spent in Glenelg. We stayed with my mum in an apartment at the Oaks Liberty Towers, just around the corner from my brother's place. Glenelg is very toddler activity friendly with a large playground opposite the Buffalo and of course, the beach. We stopped by the beach briefly on our way to the playground, we had intended on a brief visit because it was so cold, but Lulu just loved playing in the sand so much that we never made it to the playground - She called the beach 'The big sand pit'.

We were able to have dinner with my brother both nights - take away from Gringos the first night (after Lulu went to bed!) and then dining out early at Tasca Vida with Lulu the second night. Eating out has to be one of the best things about holidays. What are your favourite things about holidays?  I have to say a bit of a sleep in is one of my other favourite things about holidays. No alarm, bliss! The countdown is on to our next holiday.....

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