Things I Love

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This month's Things I Love includes a few things Lulu is loving this month too and, for the first time, is a collection of things that we actually own, rather than a wish list. These are the things we have loved in July:

1. Bondi Wash Bench Spray - I was given a small bottle of this in one of the swag bags from Splash Creative and I just love it. I was given the Tasmanian Pepper & Lavender scented one and it is my favourite. Not that I have tried any of the others, I just know that it is my favourite. I use it to clean Lulu's potty & the scent calms you as you clean.

2. Fisher Price Little People Playground - We hired an old one of these from the toy library & it was the first toy that Lulu would play with each day. It was the only toy she wanted to pack to go to Grandma's and she most certainly did not want it to be returned to the toy library. I succumbed to her cries and purchased the one pictured for her. She loves it.

3. The Upside Python Prana Pant - So comfy and stretchy without the fabric going see through. You know what I mean ladies. Ever tried on leggings where the print goes see through as you pull then up over your thighs? Well these leggings do not do that. And the print is wicked. I purchased them on sale (the full price is outrageous) and you can too as they are still on sale! Yay!

4. Bubby Makes Three Harem Pants - Ok, so it may be me that loves these more than Lulu, but she's never not wanted to wear them, so they must be good. They are handmade in Brisbane and unlike other handmade things I've bought, the fabric doesn't fade in the wash, nor has the fabric thinned from multiple washes/wear.