Renovations Week 3 and 4

 photo Week-3-1_zpsf7169589.jpg
Week three was still in the getting worse before it gets better phase. A whole was cut in the wall between our bedroom and Lulu's so that we could make the house a proper three bedroom house, currently you have to go through one room to get to the other. The real estate agent sold it as a three bedroom house but it really wasn't. Knocking out the wall also unveiled some more lovely lino.
 photo Week-3-2_zps5f5a0ce7.jpg
The bathroom was removed, making the space really dark with the window boarded up.
 photo week-43_zps82878400.jpg
Then, in week four, we began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The supporting beams were installed and the temporary measure taken away. I've circled the new beams because otherwise you may not have even noticed them. Behind the blue beam you can see the beginnings of the new roof in the lounge area.
 photo Week-41_zps7a1803a1.jpg
And last but not least, the poles for our new verandah and 'deck' area have gone up.
 photo Week-42_zpsf3ce8ab7.jpg
It is so exciting to see things being built, rather than being knocked down. Things are about to slow down in the renovation stakes and there might not be so much wow factor (i.e. the plumber is putting in new pipes and concreting to level it etc) so these posts may not be as regular for the next few weeks. But rest assured the big house, as it is now referred to by Lulu, is being fixed, slowly, but surely.