Renovations Week 2

 photo week21_zps2db1b0e8.jpg
where our kitchen and laundry used to be
 photo week22_zps9bedf824.jpg
where our lounge room and dining room used to be
 photo week23_zpsb872ddff.jpg
awesome primary colour vinyl tiles that may or may not be asbestos tiles

Week two has seen the removal of our kitchen and laundry and a new roof on the old extension. It doesn't sound like much but it is huge! The removal of the bench uncovered these awesome vinyl tiles in primary colours. Makes me wonder how the house used to look all those years ago. The tiles have thrown up this weeks renovation surprise, in that we had to send a sample away for testing to see whether or not they are asbestos. If they are, then removing them is going to be a whole different ball game. Fingers crossed.....