Renovation Surprises - Positives & Negatives

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The builders needed to take out the sold brick at the end of our driveway in order to get a bob cat into the backyard. The plan was to take out just one section of the wall and keep the rest but because of how it was built, the whole wall had to come down. That was the first surprise. The second was a little bigger.

Not long after we moved in we turned off the dripper system to our garden. The thought behind that was that all plants in our garden should be drought tolerant. We didn't mind if we lost a few as we would replace them with drought tolerant plants. For some reason the oleanders continued to flourish under our no watering regime. The reason why the oleanders were flourishing? Turns out the main water pipe to our house had corroded and has been leaking, providing them with plenty of bountiful water to stay looking their best.

While we could dwell on the negative (having not set aside funds to replace our piping), I am choosing to look on the positive side - we will be conserving much more water and we may even get rid of those pesky oleanders. Have you had any surprises like this one with your renovations? Have they been positive or negative surprises? Sometimes it's just how you choose to look at it. Other times, things just suck.

And that was week one of our renovations. Tune in next week for week two progress.