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Starting the pineapple micro trend at our Revelstoke apartment 2011
This week was one of those weeks where for most of Wednesday I thought it was Thursday and for the entire day I kept getting extremely disappointed. Ever had one of those weeks? Needless to say it has meant that this week has felt really long. Top it off with a cold snap, most nights being around -1degrees and it makes for a small amount of struggle each day. Friday finally rolled around and I spent the night cozied up at home under the heater while Nick went out. Lulu went to bed without a fuss and I was able to enjoy the quiet, an episode or two if Veep and an early night. Sleep is a great way to prepare for the weekend.

Catching my eye on the internet this week:

15 Surprising things about parenting in Australia on A Cup of Jo - So interesting seeing our culture through an expat's eyes. I didn't realise that the fresh air/open windows thing was uniquely Australian, but I have to admit that even during the Revelstoke winter we slept with the window in our room open because the heating was up too high & the thermostat broken so it couldn't be turned down. The fresh air was always so lovely. The other thing we would do that locals couldn't get over was walk into town (10min walk from our place). Walking in winter was unheard of! As for 'sleep camps' - that is mostly a Sydney thing.

Alex Fulton's colourful home on Studio Home

What to say next time someone says women aren't victims of sexual harassment

This article on Bipolar awareness 

Hope you have a pineapple filled weekend xx