The Renovations Begin

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So this happened last week!! Our renovations are finally underway! We don't have building approval as yet but with so much demolition to take place, our builder has started on that first, beginning with the removal of the brick carport. We are going to replace this with a lighter structure to let more light into our place & modernise the front of the property a little.
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As usual with a renovation, there is always something you hadn't planned on. When we purchased the property the power connection as hanging to low, over the driveway, so it had to be moved to the spot above. Luckily it was a cost for the person from whom we purchased the property. But guess what needs to be moved again now that we are removing the brick carport? The power cable will need to be moved back onto the house.

We had the option of running the cable underground or leaving it over head. We have chosen to leave it overhead as most of the other homes on our street have it that way & it turns out that if you run it underground, the cable becomes your asset that you have to maintain. Leaving it overhead leaves it as the electricity company's asset that they have to maintain. The things you learn!
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